Lebenszeichen von Pal Takats

Acro-Ass, Esfera-Erfinder, X-Alps-Teilnehmer, chilenischer Streckenflugrekordhalter - all das ist Pal Takats. Allerdings auch ein Grenzgänger, der das Risiko und die damit verbundene Adrenalin-Erfahrung sucht. Vor einigen Wochen erlitt er in der Schweiz einen schweren Unfall, lag im Koma. Die Gleitschirmforengemeinden und Facebook-Freunde nahmen regen Anteil und befürchteten schon Schlimmes für den Sympathieträger. Doch der hatte viel Glück im Unglück. Jetzt hat sich Pal persönlich mit einer Grußbotschaft zurückgemeldet:
Hey guys! I am now back in life!!! :-)
MANY thanks for all good wishes, vibes,and the positive energies you sent!!! It means so much to me !
As well, endless thanks to my wonderful family and girlfriend, my boss, my friends...
What happened is that I basically fucked it up, big time, back on the 9th of March :-)
Had a big crash with multiple collisions with a steep cliff:
open fracture on my left leg, 8 ribs, 3 vertebras broken...Seroiusly shaked my brain together and fall in coma after the fist day (for almost 20 days). Thanks god I stayed concious and could call the rescue heliopter, Gabor and my father to tell what happened before they picked me up. Otherwise I pobably could nor write these lines now.
I've seen the nightmare of the nightmares in coma...Got 40 degrees fever and been connected to all sort of machines in many ways. It was terrible! Woke up few days ago and since then progressing really quick, Made my first steps already, can go to the toilet on my own, enjoy sunshine, smell of spring and sound of birds. Ready to leave the hospital soon and start rehabilitation in one of the best clinics of the Alps. Really looking forward to start there.
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